Why Online?

Docendi sunt christiani.

While an education is valuable in and of itself, there are certain benefits to online learning that are worth noting.

AccessibleThe goal of a classical Lutheran education is, in so few words, to educate children for life in this world and the next: catechesis to stay alive, liberal arts to be of some earthly good: the Liberal Arts plus catechesis for the benefit of Church and Society.

In Luther’s day, the printing press aided the Reformers in disseminating Truth to the masses. Yet, the printing press was not the only tool. The context of the Reformation also included a majority of people who were illiterate or semi-literate. The printing press was still of benefit, however, as it provided written materials to readers and preachers.

In our day, the Internet serves as a tool to disseminate Truth to the masses. Just as the printing press only indirectly benefitted everyone due to illiteracy, so also, does the Internet benefit everyone, even if indirectly. Thanks to the Digital Age, we have direct access to resources never before accessible to the layman outside of brick and mortar archives. These resources allow teachers and students of all ages alike to read, mark, and inwardly digest original sources, rich literature, and the languages of the Church. Regardless of geography, students have access to unabashedly Lutheran education at all ages. A teacher in one location can teach a class made up of students from various locales around the world.

EconomicalA teacher in one location teaching students around the world also affords economic benefits that can be enjoyed by families. Likewise, not having a brick and mortar location yields fiscal advantages. An online education is abstemious. Yet, the resources available at little or no cost are, in most cases, priceless. Technology also allows students that would otherwise have no access to certain resources due to geography or financial limitations to partake in their benefit.

Not all economic benefits are fiscal, however. We hear the phrase “time is money” and such is the case with online education. Online education is expedient. Students can work on assignments when they desire, yet they have the accountability of due-dates.